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Various Artists
Incl tracks from Franck Orff, David Hofmann, Kohra, Avenir, Idiot Idols, and Mula
From the dream-like sounds of Magyar to the progressive drive of Lets Go Anywhere, the 29th release from Wide Angle Recordings is an emotional trip through deep melodic techno. Reversions features cutting edge music from rising stars Franck Orff, Idiot Idols, Kohra, David Hofmann, Avenir, and Mula.

Reversions is a refreshing compilation that captures the essence of Wide Angle Recordings. Each track is uniquely compelling, yet there is an undeniable synergy to the release. The hypnotizing atmospheres, beautiful melodies, and progressive drive that characterize each individual track also define the release as a whole. Whether you listen to these tracks individually or as an album, in your room or on the dancefloor, you will undoubtably hear each artist's distinct sound and the sound that has become synonomous with the label. This is progressive house at its finest. This is Wide Angle Recordings.