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Including Maxime Miville Remix
PHM has spent the better part of the last two years finely crafting a unique and dramatic sound that is distinctly his own. With his first appearance on Wide Angle Recordings, PHM delivers the culmination of this work in a beautiful EP that is dark, emotional, and primed for the dancefloor.

The title track Arcadia is a rich work that combines pulsating deep grooves with dazzling harmonies and ethereal vocals. The combination makes Arcadia eerily lovely and strong enough to erupt on a dancefloor. Utopia follows up with another dance-floor oriented track that provides a thick and deep compliment to the title track. The driving bassline and agitated synth stabs create a mind-bending atmosphere that is perfect for taking a progressive or techno set that much deeper.

After delivering one of Wide Angle Recordings' best selling releases, Maxime Mivile returns to the label with a massive re-interpretation of Aracdia. Maxime's tech-influenced remix brings a new take on the harmonies and forms an uplifting compliment to the original.