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Jelle Kuipers
Including Mateo Murphy Remix and Mattheis Remix
Holland's Jelle Kuipers makes his Wide Angle Recordings debut with QZ, a deep and emotional voyage into atmospheric textures and sublime melodies. Jelle's unique style and undeniable talent for musical composition shine through in all three of the original tracks, while Wide Angle Recordings veterans Mattheis and Mateo Murphy bring their own interpretations to this truly spell-binding release.

The EP starts off in a dream-like state with Repulsive Theory. Warm synths build upon one another in lush harmony and a subtle yet powerful bassline propels the track forward. The EP burrows a little deeper with the second track, Static Breakup, which is highly reminiscent of exploring a mysterious underground cavern. The deep and groovy low ends pull you in into the track while trippy spatial effects create a thick, textured atmosphere. The third and title track seemingly combines elements from the first two in a grande finale. QZ offers warm sycopated harmonies on top of a deep and massive bassline, creating a track that can be enjoyed equally in the comfort of your bedroom or the middle of a dancefloor.

No strangers to Wide Angle Recordings, Mattheis and Mateo Murphy deliver two perfect compliments in their own finely crafted styles. The Mattheis Remix is a progressive wave of hypnotizing sounds while the Mateo Murphy Remix is a dancefloor weapon with the perfect balance of hard hitting edge and head-spinning synths.