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Melody Kiss
Including Tundra's 'One Hell of a Kiss' Remix and Jesse Somfay 'Agarttha Hibernaculum For Lips of Grey Frost' Remix
Wide Angle Recordings ended 2010 with two of the biggest releases in the label's history. As the first release of 2011, animalZOO's Melody Kiss promises to keep this trend alive.

In true Wide Angle Recordings style, this release is defined by serene melodic synth work and an unmisktakable driving energy. The original mix pairs tech-influenced percussion with a deep and rolling bassline that carries throughout. The track is accented with wonderful harmonic synths and finished with an infectious piercing melody.

The two accompanying remixes, simply put, are not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for conventional dance tracks you will not find them here. Both remixes push the boundaries of techno and take the listener on a deep exploration of sound and atmospheric textures. Tundra's One Hell of a Kiss Remix serves a broken beat, mind-warping take on the original while Jesse Somfay draws you into a deep aural spell with his Agarttha Hibernaculum For Lips Of Grey Frost Remix. Don't say we didn't warn you.