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Dual Shaman
Beloved: The Remixes
Including Mateo Murphy Remix, Sweet Alchemy Remix, Mattheis Remix, and more.
Wide Angle Recordings truly delivers on its name with this diverse and versatile remix album. Originally released in 2008, Dual Shaman's Beloved was an over-shadowed 'B-side' to The White Rose. While both tracks were quite popular and received amazing support, it was time to give Beloved the proper attention it deserves. Even after two years the Original Mix is as fresh as ever and alongside it, remixes from some of today's hottest talent - Mateo Murphy, Sweet Alchemy, Limbo, Mattheis, Mazel Source, and introducing Impulse Response.

From the dream-like Limbo Remix to the droning techno sounds of the Impulse Response Remix, this package has something for everyone. It is the perfect addition to your summer sets.